Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Use Twitter for your Business

Wondering to use Twitter to give your business an edge over others? If yes then stop wondering. Just get started! Increase your online visibility and reap profits like never before. There is no need to think even twice before starting an account on Twitter. No matter whether you have large or small business, using this social media tool you can see your online business flourishing like never before. Reading further will give you a glance about the tips you should take into consideration while using it.

First things first – Why rely upon Twitter?
Twitter is one platform that lets people share their knowledge with each other. Users of twitter have craving for innovative information, ideas, products, services and opportunities. So, if your business lacks the presence on this huge platform, you are simply unable to reach out to two opportunities – expansion and enhancement.

Businesses of all sorts and sizes are relying on twitter for several reasons rights starting from customer to promoting services. The usage of Twitter varies from one business to another and is subject to the purpose.
Check out a few things that you must take into consideration while making use of Twitter.

Keep yourself updated - Just set up an account and start tweeting. Make sure that you tweet at least few times a day. It does not necessarily have to be time-consuming a task. You can re-tweet something, reply to the query and just share your views on the article you read.

Create precise and persuasive bio. Stick to the KISS – Twitter allows you to post tweet limit upto140 characters or less. Keep It Short and Simple mantra. Let people know about your business and products and services that you have to offer. Remember precise bio will help you draw the fancy of maximum followers.

Be friendly - Twitter is a medium to communicate not to broadcast.  Do not stick to one format. Keep evolving. Making announcements and sharing articles, although, is good, but make sure that you do not follow the same path always. Start a conversation, reply to queries, answer and ask questions.

Increase your brand with twitter – Twitter is a great platform to establish your business as a ‘Brand’ on Twitter. Create a business page with some information about your business. Add background image with product or contact info details. Start tweets relating to your products and services. Share your business page with your customers so that they can follow you and your customer engagement would be increased. Do some promotion activities over there like Free Sample of the products, quiz, give prizes to best reviews customer etc..    

Grow your Audience and Engage with your customers – You can directly connect with your customers and future potential customers via twitter. Listen for trending topics in your industry & customer feedback.    

Twitter for Business Promotion – 200million active user on twitter, they talk about everything like technology, news, shopping etc. it is great way to promote your business on twitter by making a business profile page. Share your business page, product launch, business event & news with the users. Attract new customer towards your business page. Most importantly keep your twitter page with real time fresh content.  

3 Free Tools for Twitter and helpful for Business 

1. Topsy - Social Analytics tool offers a good way to trend and compare mentions and replies for up to three profiles.
2.  Twitter Counter - lets you compare the growth of followers, followings and tweet volume for up to three profiles
3. TweetStats - provides a nice overview of overall activity including tweet volume and density plus aggregate daily and hourly tweets:

So, what are you waiting for? Start using this micro blogging tool and take your business to the next level.

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